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Final Fantasy Type-0 Summons, Air Ships and More!

The latest details from this week's Jump.

Expect lots more on Type-0 in the coming weeks!

Final Fantasy Type-0 is back in Jump this week. According to the usual sources for early magazine leaks, the magazine introduces the following areas:

Two characters are introduces this week, King and Sice. King is voiced by Tomokazu Sugida, and uses dual guns. He looks cold, but he's actually kind. "Sice" (that's Six in a language I don't know) is voiced by Miyuki and uses a scythe as a weapon. She's not good with words, but has good judgment.

You can see the two characters in this old "Agito" artwork. King is the dude at top. Sice is the girl to the right.

The magazine also introduces the next summon. Following past looks at Ifrit and Golem comes a first look at Odin.

It looks like we're finally going to be getting a look at the game's world. The magazine shows screens of the player moving about on an expansive world map and even making use of an air ship for movement. You can freely move about the world map, which has dungeons and towns, and will find yourself getting into field battles right on the map. When you return to town, you can get information from people and buy things.

Hmm... sounds like an actual RPG!

As with all these early Jump leaks about FF Type-0, we'll likely get more details from Famitsu and Dengeki next week or the week after.

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