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This is What a 40,000 Yen Limited Edition Looks Like

Famitsu shares screens of the new PS3 Super Robot Wars OG game, and a pic of the pricey LE.


Wondering what a ¥41,790 limited edition looks like? Have a look:

That's the "Complete BD Box" limited edition for 2nd Super Robot Wars OG, the new PS3 Super Robot Wars OG game that was revealed in this week's Famitsu. The LE includes a copy of the game, a four disc Blu-ray set of the Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector television anime, a booklet about the anime, and a package with art from The Inspector character designer Risa Ebata.

If you just want the game, it's yours for ¥8,329. Look for both versions some time this year (the August date we reported earlier appears to have been incorrect).

Famitsu.com has posted a lengthy look at the game with lots of screens and art, so take a look!

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