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Nintendo DS is in Banks

Get financial information through your DS.


Nintendo and Bank of Kyoto are teaming up for a new type of Nintendo Zone experience. Starting today, Nintendo Zone wireless spots will be appearing in the lobbies of 10 Bank of Kyoto branches. Visitors will be able to use their DS to access a special "DS at Bank of Kyoto" program.

The program offers the following areas:

  • Notices on campaigns and services from the Bank
  • Financial problem guidance that introduces users to Bank product
  • Kyoto tourism information
  • Bank product information surrounding 7 life events: campus life, job hunting, marriage, buying a car, buying a house, child education and senior life.
  • Explanation of banks and money (what is money, where does money come from, what is a bank, etc.)
  • A money-themed quiz game for kids

The program will also be accessible through DS kiosks set up in the lobby.

Screens of the special bank program.

For a list of facilities featuring the Nintendo Zone program, see Bank of Kyoto's announcement (PDF, Japanese).

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