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Enterbrain Expects 3DS to Be 2011's Top Seller

Famitsu publisher expecting hardware slowdown despite 3DS and Wii 2 release.


Enterbrain released its annual industry white paper yesterday. While the content of the report is available only to those who pay the ¥31,500 asking price, some details have leaked out via a correction chart that was released today.

The big area of interest is this chart which shares the company's hardware sales forecasts for the current and next calendar years:

The current year is the column second from right. Next year is the far right column. Here's what's listed:

Nintendo DS
2011: 1,545,000, 2012: 587,000
Nintendo 3DS
2011: 2,868,000, 2012: 2,475,000
PlayStation Portable
2011: 2,378,000, 2012: 1,036,000
2011: 948,000, 2012: 481,000
PlayStation 3
2011: 1,469,000, 2012: 1,413,000
Xbox 360
2011: 122,000, 2012: 105,000
PlayStation 2
2011: 48,000, 2012: 0
Next Generation
2011: 547,000, 2012: 2,311,000

The chart doesn't specify what "next generation" refers to. At present, NGP is expected in 2011, so that's presumably what the 547,000 in 2011 refers to. NGP and Wii 2 may account for the 2,211,000 in 2012.

You can see the data more visibly in this bar graph. 2012 is to the right and 2011 is second from right. From top to bottom, the systems in the key are next generation, other, PS2, X360, PS3, Wii, Game Boy Advance, PSP, 3DS and DS.

Notice the falling trend in hardware sales? Enterbrain expects 2011 to see a slight boost in hardware sales from last year's 9,441,900 to 9,925,000. But it expects a big drop off next year to 8,408,000.

Of course, all of this is mere change to 2007, where DS, PSP and 3DS were on fire and helped push system sales to 16,156,100 units.

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