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Draw In-Game Items in GAE's New 3DS Adventure Title

Girl-oriented 3DS title lets you draw special drawings for romantic events and tea time.


GAE shared screens and details today for its upcoming 3DS adventure game Bikkuri! Tobidasu! Mahou no Pen. The name roughly (very roughly...) translates to "Surprise! It Comes Out! Magic Pen."

The magic pen of the title is your touch pen. You use the pen to draw in-game objects. People from around town request that you, playing as main character Saatan, draw things. If you successfully complete your drawing, the object will appear in the game world.

The actual drawing process appears to be simple enough for all ages. You simply follow a star that traces out a pattern. After painting your drawing, you're done!

As you complete drawings, the game world will expand and new people will come to town. You can communicate with these people in various ways. For girl characters (the game appears to be designed for girls), you can draw clothing to try out fashion together, or cookware to enjoy candy and tea time. For boy characters, you can build up your relationship. It's possible that you'll get a request for a special drawing. Success in this will lead to some potentially romantic events.

Magic Pen is due for 3DS release this Summer, priced ¥3,990.

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