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Queen's Gate: Noel Vermilion and the Panic Screen

What to do when mom comes in while you're blasting your enemy with mysterious fluid from a different dimension.


We previously wrote about the the Destiny Punishment System, a new system featured in Namco Bandai's upcoming PSP title Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos.

This system involves your character getting a mysterious bracelet. Within this bracelet is a tiny jar which can be used to open a portal to another dimension. In this separate dimension, time and spirit are warped, and this somehow makes a "mysterious fluid" come out at your foes.

It looks like this:

What happens if mom walks in while your blasting your rival with mysterious fluid? That's when you'll want to use the game's KKK System. KKK is short for the Japanese words that form the phrase "Like this! I'm being watched!? Evade!!" It's basically a Panic Screen, triggered by pressing select and start.

As you can see, the game is still identified as Queen's Gate, so you'd better hope mom isn't versed in video games.

Joining the gameplay system update, Namco Bandai shared screens today for Noel Vermillion. The BlazBlue fighter will be appearing in the game under the story setting of being out on a search for Jin Kisaragi. She'll have many of her familiar moves. A sneak peak below.

Bloom Trigger

Bullet Rain

Nemesis Stabilizer

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