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New Features: Comments Pages and In-Body Search

Tools to help you stalk other members!


I've added a coupla new features to the site. The new features have nothing to do with the random images of Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos you see scattered about the page.

Comments now have their own pages

Previously, there was no way of permalinking a comment except via hashtag notation, which takes you to the comment in the body of the article. I've changed it so that comments now have their own individual pages. The link is to the far right of the comment's header bar, next to the big T.

The comment pages are a bit rough at present, but they show the poster, the time of posting, and the source article. You can also "Like" the comment.

Below the comment body, you'll find a link that takes you to the post in the context of the body of the source article. In order to reply to a post, you'll have to go there.

View all comments from an individual user

You can now see every single post everyone has ever made. All registered members have a member page at http://www.andriasang.com/user/membername -- replace membername with the name of your choosing. Go to this page to see all the posts someone has made. You'll find a link to a member's page in the comments they've posted -- just click on their name.

A note about privacy: this is a pretty standard feature for comment systems and message boards, so I'm forcing it upon you. Any future member-only features will be private unless you opt to make them public. Thus ends my note about privacy.

In Body Search

If you visited the site yesterday, you might have noticed that highlighting text would bring up this neat little widget showing search results for the highlighted terms. This isn't really a new feature that I made or anything -- it's just a widget from a company called "Apture."

The widget shows results from this site along with results from Google Image Search and YouTube. I found the image search and YouTube results to be pretty handy, although if you're annoyed at the widget popping up when you just want to copy text, I totally agree.

When searching for items specifically on this site, I'd suggest still using the good old search box at the top of the page, as the results are more tailored to the site, Google seems to index the pages faster, and you can sort between recency and relevancy.

In-body search.
Standard search.

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