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Sonic Going 3D on Cell Phones

3D version of Sonic and friends to come pre-installed on upcoming cell phones from NEC.


Sonic the Hedgehog is going 3D. But not on 3DS. Sega will adding a new dimension to its mascot on NEC Casio's CA-01C cell phone, a part of docomo's Prime series of high spec phones.

It looks like Sega isn't quite ready to make a traditional Sonic game in 3D, though. The game in question here is Sonic Golf 3D, a golf game that features Sonic, Tales and the rest of the cast. Using simple touch controls, you play through a nine hole stroke mode, a mission-based challenge mode and an extra mode where gimmicks fill the course. The game can be optionally switched to 3D mode.

Sonic Golf 3D will be pre-installed on CA-01c sets, which will hit this Summer.

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