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Customize Your Characters in Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D

Equip skills to toughen up your character before taking on the high level missions.


Barry Burton was the most recent addition to the Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D cast this past week, bringing the total cast to 8 characters (that's Chris, Wesker, Hunk, Claire, Krauser, Jill, Rebecca and Barry).

There's actually more variety than the eight characters would suggest, though, as the game has lots of customization options.

In these screens, we see the game's weapon and skill setting screens. Skills have such effects as upping your weapon strength and reducing damage. You can equip your character with up to three simultaneously. The skills themselves can be upgraded using skill points that you earn when clearing a mission. Add enough skill points, and a skill will rise in level.

You'll want to use those skills when challenging the game's tougher missions. Each level is split into multiple missions. Clear the highest level mission, and you'll gain access to the next level.

Joining all this gameplay info, the official site was updated with a look at the B.O.W. creature and a new commercial showing co-op play.

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