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Akiba's Trip Gets Free "Celebrity" Download Content

Taiyou Tenkawa and Di Gi Charat to appear in the in-game Akihabara.


Acquire's Akihabara-based vampire hunting game is now out for PSP. Early reports from retail blogs indicate that the game is selling quite well.

It looks like the game will be getting a big post release push to keep the momentum going. Acquire announced today that it's releasing download content for the game.

The first DLC will consist of two character models: Taiyou Tenkawa, main character of manga Daitokyo Toy Box, and Di Gi Charat, mascot of the Gamers retailer and also a manga and anime character. The two characters will be seen walking around the in-game Akihabara.

While the download will be free, Acquire has yet to announce a date of availability.

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