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Japanese PSN Delay Due to Credit Card Company Demands

Government and card companies ask Sony to detail consumer protections.


PSN is slowly coming back to life throughout the world. But not in Japan. In its home country, Sony hasn't given any indication about when the service will be restored.

There have been scattered reports that the Japanese delay is due to demands from METI, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Thanks to today's edition of the Asahi Shimbun daily, we now know what those demands are. Apparently, METI and credit card companies are asking that Sony to detail the protections it has in place for credit card users.

As explained in the paper, the reason card companies are so concerned about Japan in particular is because in Japan, card companies would generally have to compensate card users if their card is used illegally. In America, Sony signed a deal with an insurance company to compensate up to 1 million dollars in damages. There's no such deal in place in Japan.

Furthermore, it appears that Sony has not been forthcoming with providing card companies with requested information. The Japan Consumer Credit Card Association has a policy in place where in the event that member information is leaked, the offending company must pass the information on to the card companies so that they can strengthen their watch for misuse. Sony says that while it cannot rule out the possibility that card data has leaked out, it is currently investigating whether it has.

METI has repeatedly asked Sony to clarify its policy on card user safety. According to Asahi, Sony has at long last begun to respond.

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