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Who's Making the Music For Kid Icarus Uprising?

One of the composers who worked on Smash Bros. X is doing the honors on Sora's new 3DS title.


The newly opened Kid Icarus Uprising official site has little in the way of content at present. But it does offer a preview of the game's aural component thanks to some stirring background music.

So who's responsible for the music? Director Masahiro Sakurai was asked this very question at his Twitter today. His response was that the Kid Icarus music is being handled by a composer who worked on Smash Bros. X.

Sakurai even provided a link to the Smash Bros. X composer list. As you can see, it's a pretty long list -- a who's who of the Japanese game music industry.

Can you guess which of those composers is working on Kid Icarus Uprising?

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