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Japanese PSN Service Restarting This Month

Sony to share member information with credit card companies to help guard against misuse.


Sony will restart the Japanese PlayStation Network service some time this month, Nikkei reports today. The service has been down since late last month.

PSN users outside of Japan have had access to parts of the service since last week. As detailed yesterday in Asahi, delays in Japan were brought on by requests from the government and credit card companies for more information from Sony. In Japan, card companies would be held accountable in the event of card misuse. In America, Sony has a contract in place with an insurer to cover possible damages.

Nikkei reports that Sony will give its member information, including name and credit card number, to credit card companies in order to allow them to closely watch for misuse. The site notes that Sony has 12.3 million credit card numbers on file both in and out of Japan.

Nikkei did not list a specific date for the restart of the service. It also did not mention what items will be on offer for Japanese players as part of Sony's "Welcome Back" gift package.

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