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Harajuku Overrun by Lions and Helmeted Hyenas in Tokyo Jungle

A sampling of some of the stories in Sony's long awaited PS3 survival game.


Tokyo's Harajuku area is, like the rest of the world, devoid of humanity in Tokyo Jungle, which is set following the extinction of mankind. But there are still residents in the once fashionable youth gathering spot.

A pack of lions has taken up reisdence in Harajuku Station. But despite being indoors, they're not totally safe. At night, they come under attack from hyenas.

Playing as the male pack leader, you'll need to protect the female lions and cubs by defeating the attacking hyenas. As you fight, you'll need to pay attention to your hunger level, as if you grow too hungry you'll begin to lose energy. You'll also need to keep a close watch on the cubs, as the hyenas will directly target them.

The hyenas can be a tough enemy. They'll call for reinforcements from all side and will even wear helmets to raise their defense.

This lion passage is one of the many stories you'll encounter in Tokyo Jungle. Each of the game's 55 plus animal types has a story as part of the game's story mode.

The deer story involves a pair of sibling deers who've become separated from their mom. You'll have to search for mom in the city, which is packed with predators.

To make it through the city safely, you'll need to be stealthy, hiding behind trash cans for instance. You can also press L1 to separate yourself from your brother, perhaps using him as a decoy.

All these stories will somehow end up explaining how humanity became extinct.

You'll find even more screens at Famitsu.com.

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