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3D Monster Hunter Set For PS3

Title to be released as part of Sony's new PSP Remaster lineup.


PlayStation 3 is finally getting a Monster Hunter game. Capcom announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version for the system today.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is a PS3 version of the like named PSP title (minus the HD part, of course). The game promises full HD visuals, 3D support, shared save data with the PSP version (allowing you to play both on the go and in the home), and online play via Ad Hoc Party. A release is set for Summer.

As the name and Ad Hoc Party might suggest, this actually isn't a new title. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is part of a new PlayStation 3 series from Sony called PSP Remaster. This series features PSP titles customized for re-release on PS3.

The announcement of MHP 3rd HD came today during an event held to commemorate the mobile Monster Hunter Club having crossed the one million membership mark. The event was live streamed. You can see a video here.

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