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Noora and the Time Studio: Item Synthesis Detailed

Revert items to earlier states using Noora's time skills.


Like the Atelier series, Noora and the Time Factory has an item synthesis system. But unlike Atelier, the item synthesis here is said to be unique through the addition of time elements.

The time elements involve changing items by manipulating time. The most basic example is a flower. If you reverse time on the flower, it will become a seed. If you advance time on the flower, it will become a dry flower.

To make main character Noora use her time manipulation skills, you'll need an item called Chrono Solution. This is available in red, blue, dark, light and silver types.

Using Chrono Solution on items.
Item creation via time-based techniques can take many days.
Gathering materials.

In addition to the time skills, you'll also need to use more traditional alchemy techniques like item synthesis and decomposition. Synthesis involves creating items by mixing materials -- mixing salt, milk and flour to create bread, for instance. Decomposition breaks down items into their original parts. This is how you obtain the Chrono Solution needed for the time techniques.

Item synthesis.
Item decomposition.

Atlus also shared the latest character details today. You'll find these below:


Pictured to the left, one of the girls who works at the town's weapon shop. She works hard and is at the age where she wants to help her parents out. She's taken an interest in minerals and ores.


A mercenary with great sword skills. Although she leaves no openings during battle, in her normal life, she's bright and cheerful, and maybe even a bit careless.

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