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Takahashi Meijin Doing Something with Gaming Idol Haruna Anno


What's Takahashi Meijin, aka Master Higgins, going to do once he leaves Hudson on the 31st? He hasn't said. But one thing's certain -- he'll be in good company!

Gravure idol Haruna Anno, shown in the Famitsu.com pic above cosplaying Chun Li at Capcom's Street Fighter Mouse Generation announcement event back in 2008, says that she and Meijin will be starting something together. She would not share specifics, even when pressed by her Twitter followers.

Anno is known as a major game fan -- she even calls herself a "game idol." She's particularly into retro games, and says she has a personal collection worth over 10 million yen.

She appears to be a big fan of Takahashi. After coming in second place in a Star Soldier R tournament, she had Takahashi sign her joystick.

She's not just a fan, though. The two apparently have a deeper relationship. Here's a pic Anno shared of her recent trip to the flea market with Takahashi.

According to Anno, Takahashi bought a copy of Dragon Quest III.

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