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Marvelous Planning Multiple NGP Titles This Year

Publisher's earnings statement promises NGP support and shares last year's sales figures.

Following Animal Resort, Marvelous will release Senran Kagura for the 3DS.

Marvelous Entertainment shared preliminary details today on its support for Sony's new NGP system. In an earnings report (PDF, Japanese), the publisher said that over the course of this fiscal year, it plans on releasing multiple titles for the platform.

Sony has not yet announced a final release date for the NGP. The Marvelous report says the system is due for release at the end of the calendar year, which is the general time frame Sony has been promising.

Regarding the 3DS, the earnings report only made mention of Animal Resort as the company's start of support for the system.

Specifically in its games division, Marvelous expects sales to rise from last year's 2,757 million yen to 3,800 million yen this year. It also expects to return to the black in operating profit, going from a games division loss of 77 million yen last year to a gain of 210 million this year.

The company also shared game-specific sales figures for the previous fiscal year:

  • No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise: 28,000 on PS3, 21,000 on X360
  • Ikki Tousen Xross Impact: 34,000 on PSP
  • Harvest Moon Twin Villages: 230,000 on DS
  • Fate/Extra: 106,000 on PSP
  • No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle: 25,000 on Wii
  • Rune Factory Oceans: 49,000 on PS3, 23,000 on Wii
  • Night of the Sacrifice (Ikenie no Yoru): 5,000 on Wii

The company's browser gaming division saw 200,000 members for Harvest Moon and 60,000 members for Ikki Tousen. These are membership figures as of the end of April.

Last year's sales totals.
Browser games.
This year's lineup: Animal Resort, Fish Eyes 3D, No More Heroes Red Zone Edition, Grand Knights History, Senran Kagura and Hero 30 Second. The dates were already known.

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