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First Look: Dragon Quest Collection Wii

Classics recreated, right down to archaic save systems.


These are apparently the first screenshots of "Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I, II and III," Square Enix's Wii compilation of the first three Dragon Quest games and their Super Famicom remakes.

If you think you're looking at the original material, that's apparently the point. Square Enix says the games mimic the original five titles (that's DQI, DQII and DQIII on the Famicom, and DQI&II and DQIII on the Super Famicom) perfectly.

That includes the same save techniques. While The Famicom DQIII an the two Super Famicom games allow for three save files, DQI and DQII on the Famicom have password-based systems.

Thanks to the amazing powers of the Wii, though, all the games do allow you to pause the action for later play, so you may not have to resort to writing down the passwords (or taking a digital camera pic -- ironically, password systems would have been so much easier nowadays).

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