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Toriko Hits PSP with Gourmet Survival Action

Screens and gameplay details for Namco Bandai's game conversion of the manga and anime.


Namco Bandai Games is readying a PSP adaptation of Toriko, a fighting-themed Jump manga and recent anime. The game is titled Toriko Gourmet Survival! and is due for release on August 4.

Why "gourmet?" Main character Toriko is actually a "gourmet hunter." He's out on a hunt for rare ingredients to create the ultimate dinners.

The PSP version features all the manga's major characters like Toriko himself and sidekick Komatsu. The game's location, Mogamori Island, is original.

You'll face off against the island's beasts using Torkio's knife and fork and other techniques. Toriko can pick up giant columns to smash beasts, and can even turn the beasts themselves into weapons. Once you've defeated a beast, you can turn it into an ingredient of four different ranks depending on the creature.





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