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Dragon Quest Treasure Box Costs a Treasure

Recreation of 1998 Dragon Quest item includes a Slime stuffed animal.


Continuing with the 1 to 1 theme of 25th anniversary Dragon Quest goods, Square Enix is releasing a 1 to 1 recreation of the pirate's treasure box from the 1998 original Dragon Quest.

That's just the in-game artwork. It's not the actual product.

The final product will measure 900x600x600mm and will cost you a cool ¥358,000. Square Enix hasn't explained why the item is so expensive, although I doubt the Slime stuffed animal that's inside the treasure box adds to the price too much.

Orders for this made-to-order item will be accepted starting in May.

It looks like we can expect a huge catalogue of anniversary goods for Dragon Quest, as evidenced by the empty slots at the official site.

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