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NGP Still on Track For This Year; Full PSN Restart This Month


Just in case you had your doubts, Sony has confirmed that NGP is still on track for this year. The company mentioned its next generation portable during an earnings briefing earlier today, saying, as quoted by audio site Phile-web, "Regarding NGP, we're progressing with preparations towards a release at the end of the year."

Sony has always said that NGP would be released by the end of the year. The big question is where that release will take place, or if it will be a worldwide release. While we may end up getting a few bits and pieces from today's earnings briefing, expect full specifics at E3 in a couple of weeks.

Phile-web also passed along the status update Sony gave regarding its continued networking problems. The company said that its target of full service restoration for both PSN and Qriocity by the end of this month remains unchanged. Even if it does end up missing the target, the delay would be by just a few days.

The "full service" restart applies just to areas outside of Japan. In Japan, the company expects to have a partial restart in the coming days.

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