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The Girls of Senran Kagura Revealed and Ranked!


Marvelous Entertainment has been teasing us for the past couple of weeks with silhouettes of the Senran Kagura villains. But just before the final tease was scheduled to arrive, Dengeki Games has spoiled the fun!

The magazine posted some sampler images of its recently released issue, and one of the images allows us to see the entire lineup of girls.

If I'm not mistaken, the girls are lined up according to bust size (the numbers match up with the information in this article). Asuka, the one in the green skirt, appears to be the game's Ryu, so it's fitting that she's right in the middle when it comes to proportions.

See if you can figure out who these villain silhouettes correspond to.

As you might have read here earlier, this is the last issue of Dengeki Games. You can see the cover below. Visit Dengeki Online for more sample pages.

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