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Radiant Silvergun XLA Resurfaces

Microsoft shares the latest screens and details for the remake of the Treasure classic.


Microsoft has at long last started to promote the Xbox Live Arcade version of Radiant Silvergun. The updated port of the Treasure shooting classic, first announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show, is due for release some time this year at a price of 1,200 Microsoft Points.

Players can select to play the game in Arcade and Saturn modes, representing the two platforms the original first appeared on. All the gameplay systems are in tact, of course, as is the background music from Hitoshi Sakimoto.

New features for the XLA version include:

  • Two player cooperative play via Xbox Live.
  • Online score rankings.
  • Upload and download player data. This will let you watch high quality play from around the world.
  • Greatly improved visuals. You can also play using the original graphics, though.
  • As a hidden bonus, an Ikaruga shooting style mode.

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