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Final Fantasy Type-0: New Screens at Famitsu.com

King, Sice, the active world map system and more!


Famitsu.com has posted its expected followup article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared in its print counterpart this week. Access the site for some of this:

Eight and his dual guns. The guns have infinite ammo, but they have to reload. You can press a button to reload manually at your own timing, though.
Sice and her scythe. She's said to be boyish due in part to her rough word use.
Eight and his weapon of choice: his fists. He prefers his fists because he's not a fan of weapons, which he believes easily take human lives.
Arecia, the head of the Suzaku magic division. Oh great, she's one of those head band, low glasses types.
Gilgamesh. He appears here as a l'Cie chosen by the Genbu crystal. A l'Cie has the same meaning as in FFXIII -- someone given a mission and special powers by the crystals. In Type-0, he appears as a powerful boss.
Gilgamesh's home country, Lorica. The people of Lorica have directly taken the power of the crystals, and have big physique capable of matching up against weapons and magic.
The red Kill Sight and yellow Break Sight systems. Red means an instant kill. Yellow means mega damage.
Battles on the game's Active World Map. Unlike the standard three person party battles, these are fought with just one party member. A Moogle will provide you with orders.
In some AWM missions, you may end up freeing a city that has been taken over by the enemy. Succeed, and you'll be able to use the town to gather information and shop.

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