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Super Adventure Island, Wonder Boy and Square's Treasure of Rudra hit Virtual Console in June

There's another Square RPG on the way too.

It's probably just a coincidence, but just as Master Higgins' real life counterpart Takahashi Meijin leaves Hudson, Hudson will be bringing a classic Adventure Island game to the Virtual Console. Super Adventure Island will be released for the download service in June, Nintendo revealed today.

The full June lineup looks like this:

  • Super Adventure Island (Hudson, Super Famicom, 800 WiiPoints)
  • Treasure of Rudra/Rudra no Hiho (Square Enix, Super Famicom, 800 WP)
  • Joy Joy Kid (D4, Neo Geo, 900 WP)
  • Kizuna Encounter/Fuuun Super Tag Battle (D4, Neo Geo, 900 WP)
  • Puyo Puyo Tsu (Sega, Arcade, 800 WP)
  • Wonder Boy Monster Land (Sega, Arcade, 800 WP)

These are all currently without final release dates. Dates are usually announced the week prior to release.

Next week's releases include Mega Man 5 (Capcom, Famicom, 500 WP) and Savage Reign (D4, Neo Geo, 900 WP)

Super Adventure Island and Treasure of Rudra.

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