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Capcom Confirms Ace Attorney Movie

Film adaptation in production for release in 2012.


There was some buzz recently about a possible film adaptation of Capcom's Ace Attorney series. Today, Capcom confirmed it: an Ace Attorney movie is in production.

The Ace Attorney series portal was updated today with a page detailing the movie, which is currently running under the placeholder name of Gyakuten Saiban (that's the Japanese name for Ace Attorney).

The film adaptation will feature Hiroki Narimiya as Phoenix Wright, or as he's known in the Japanese versions of the game, Ryuichi Naruhodo. Takumi Saito will play rival Miles Edgeworth (Reiji Mitsurugi). Wright's assistant Maya Fey (Mayoi Ayasato) will be played by Mirei Kiritani. Takashi Mieki is directing (see his Wikipedia page).

Filming is currently taking place in the Kansai area, with a Japanese theatrical release planned for early Spring 2012.

You can see Capcom's English press announcement here.

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