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Platinum Metal Gear Solid Rising Rumor Possibly Debunked

Twitter exchange between Hideo Kojima and Hideki Kamiya suggests no truth to recent rumor.

We'll likely get a new look at Metal Gear Solid Rising at E3, even if Platinum is not involved.

There's been a rumor floating around of late that Platinum Games, maker of such fine games as Bayonetta and Vanquish, is developing Metal Gear Solid Rising for Konami and Kojima Productions. Based off a few brief Tweets from VIPs at the parties involved, the rumor appears to be false.

The rumor originated overseas, but quickly made it on to Japanese humor blogs like My Game News Flash. A link to the My Game News Flash story was passed along to Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya, who responded "So this rumor has also come to Japan." Hideo Kojima replied to Kamiya's Tweet, saying "But it would be nice if it were true."

Kojima's statement in particular seems to indicate Platinum Games is not actually involved in the project. Even more telling -- the two probably wouldn't have said anything if they were planning on an E3 announcement of the partnership.

But I'm sure most would agree with Kojima that it would be nice if this particular rumor were true.

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