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Dreamcast Swirls and Fangs in Idolmaster 2 DLC

Volume four arrives on June 1.


Idolmaster 2's upcoming download content volume four has a vampire theme. You'll find a song called "Kyun! Vampire Girl," an outfit called "My Dear Vampire" and items like Vampire Mouth Piece, Heart of Vampire, Bloody Nail and Flying Bat.

Going along with the vampire theme are some goth items, including Gothic Head Dress, Gothic Rose Corsage, Gothic Frill Bracelet and Gothic Frill Ankle.

But better than all those are these Dreamcast swirl items.

Okay, okay... they're actually just "@" marks. There's no mention of Dreamcast in Namco Bandai's announcement of the DLC.

Volume 4 hits on June 1. You'll find a trailer, with the Vampire Girl song, and additional screens below.

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