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PSP Growlanser IV Renamed and Dated

Remake now known as Growlanser IV Over Reloaded.


Atlus announced today a final release date of August 18 for Growlanser IV Overload. The PSP remake of PS2's Growlanser IV will be priced ¥6,279.

Don't go looking for the game under the name Growlanser IV Overload, though. Going along with the release date notice, Atlus announced that it has changed the name to Growlanser IV Over Reloaded.

In a post at the game's official site, producer Shinjiro Takada made some attempt at explaining the name change. One of the goals in naming the game was to make sure that just from the title alone players would realize that it has a lot of new features. The staff felt that the Overload name did not fully convey this and had repeated discussions about the name following the game's announcement, eventually ending up with the new Over Reloaded name.

For his next message at the official site, Takada promises to explain why Atlus decided to follow the PSP remake of Growlanser I with IV instead of II or III.

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