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So What Is Hideo Kojima Working On?

Kojima gets in the voice recording studio with some well known Metal Gear series voice actors.


Hideo Kojima won't be attending E3. So what exactly is keeping him busy?

While Kojima hasn't disclosed the reason for skipping the show, he has been providing updates on his current work via Twitter.

There are three notable images from his work today.

First, the inside of the Kojima Productions voice recording studio.

The thing on the screen is presumably just the person who's currently behind the mic (don't go analyzing it for screenshots or anything).

Second, a schedule for today's Japanese language voice dub.

The schedule includes Yumi Kikuchi, Akio Ohtsuka, Tomokazu Sugita and Hochu Ohtsuka, shown in this pic Kojima shared following the recording session.

Kikuchi, the two Ohtsukas, and Sugita are well known Metal Gear actors.

Kojima remarked via Twitter today that he was in the recording studio since morning. Later, he said that he enjoyed the recording session, as the dubbing had a nostalgic feeling.

So what is Hideo Kojima working on?

The presence of the Metal Gear actors may not necessarily mean he's doing a Metal Gear game. Kojima Productions previously assembled the Metal Gear cast to do the Japanese dub for Castlevania Lord of Shadows.

Of course, Sugita is wearing his Peace Walker shirt...

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