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Japanese PS Store Delay Due to Government Requirements


PlayStation Store will reopen its doors later this week in all areas of the world except for Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. While Sony initially did not say why the three Asian territories are being left out of the fun, Reuters reports that the Japanese delay is due to a need to comply with government instructions on information security.

The Sony spokesperson that provided the tip to Reuters did not provide explanation for the delay in Hong Kong and South Korea.

Japan and other parts of Asia had to wait two weeks longer than other territories for partial PlayStation Network services to be restored earlier this month. While North America and Europe, home to 90% of PSN users according to the Reuters report, saw partial restoration on May 14, Asian territories saw restoration just a few days ago, on the 28th.

Different from the partial restoration, the extra wait time for the PlayStation Store restart applies specifically to Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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