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Takahashi Meijin Bids Farewell to Hudson

Long time spokesperson plans on continuing blog.


Takahashi Meijin titled the final post at his official "16 Shot" blog today "Bye Hudson!!" As reported earlier this month, Takahashi, actual name Toshiyuki Takahashi, is leaving Hudson after 28 years and nine months. He first started working at Hudson in August, 1982.

The Hudson staff threw a going-away party for Takahashi last night. In attendance was a gravure idol. But not Haruna Anno, who recently said she's working on something with Takahashi.

Giving the peace sign next to Takahashi in this picture from the going away party is gravure idol Momoko Tani. Tani worked with Takahashi often, serving as the MC at major Hudson events for instance.

Takahashi won't be completely disappearing from the gamer eye following his departure from Hudson. He says that he'll be continuing to write the 16 Shot blog, only you'll need to access it from the following URL: 16shot.jp.

If the blog will be continuing, perhaps this means Hudson will be letting him keep the Takahashi Meijin name.

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