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Takahashi Meijin's Reveals New Workplace

Former Hudson PR man quickly finds new work at GaCha Communications.


Were you hoping for the meltdowns that would follow Takahashi Meijin switching jobs to another game publisher after his departure yesterday from Hudson? Well you may be disappointed then, as Takahashi's new company does not make games.

As of today, Takahashi is in the employ of GaCha Communications, a Tokyo-based firm that produces a game information variety program called GaCha TV. The program first began airing via internet streaming back in December 2001 (yes, all the way back then) and has, as of the end of April, seen a total of 412 episodes covering over 800 games in all.

Viewers of the program will already be familiar with Takahashi, as he began appearing since last May in a regular segment covering Virtual Console downloads.

Among his activities, Takahashi will maintain his 16 Shot blog, which will run under the name "Takahashi Meijin Official Site." This blog, and the Takahashi Meijin name, will carry over from Hudson. In a post prior to his departure from Hudson, Takahashi revealed that Hudson had given him the okay to continue using the Takahashi Meijin name, which they own as a copyright. However, he is not allowed to release product that have the "Takahashi Meijin" naming (used in the Adventure Island games).

Takahashi will also have an official blog at Ameba.

You can see Takahashi's new profile at GaCha's corporate website here. The page lists his hobbies as bike touring (he has a Honda Gold wing 1800cc) and watching movies (he has 300 DVDs, 100 Blu-rays and 600 Laser Discs). His foot size is 25.5cm.

Samples of the GaCha TV broadcast can be found at the show's official site.

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