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New Resident Evil For Cell Phones

Take control of Leon or Claire and bust up some zombies in this new flash game.


There's a new Resident Evil game available for download to cell phones through the Capcom Party mobile portal. Titled Resident Evil Zombie Buster, the flash-based title has players select between Claire and Leon to face off against attacking zombies.

The game is meant to be simple -- just move left and right and fire. Claire is faster with her shooting. Leon has more powerful shots that can send the zombies flying back. Both have to reload (or... relord?) after six rounds, making you temporarily vulnerable.

Clear all the zombies in a stage, and you'll face off against bosses. The game support network rankings, allowing you to show your mobile zombie busting abilities.

iMode, EZweb and Yahoo! Keitai users can download and play Resident Evil Zombie Buster now for ¥315.

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