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PSP Adaptation of Weiss Schwarz Has Love Sim Elements

The latest on the PSP version of the popular card game.


There's more to Namco Bandai's PSP adaptation of the popular Weis Schwarz card game than just a digital recreation of the cards and rules. Namco Bandai revealed today that the game has a love sim part.

In the love sim part, you take control of a newcomer transfer student and follow a story set in a school. As you work through the story, meeting a number of original heroines, you'll get into card-based battles. The story will branch off along the way, leading to multiple endings -- you know the drill.

The game's original characters are being drawn by refeia. Characters introduced by Namco Bandai today include the main character and three heroines, Suzuka Yukino (voiced by Aoi Yuuki), Suiko Ameku (voiced by Sayuri Yahagi) and Minami Shiba (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro).

The girls all have individual stories. If you read Japanese, you can see details on the stories at 4Gamer.

Namco Bandai also said today that the game will have a tutorial mode for beginners and three levels of speed selection. Have a look at those areas and more in the new screens below.

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