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First Look: Playable Metal Gear Solid 3D

Hideo Kojima plays the playable demo and shares a revealing pic.


Hideo Kojima isn't going to E3. But one of Hideo Kojima's masterpieces is!

Via Twitter today, Kojima revealed that he'd just finished checking the playable demo for Snake Eater 3D, which will be going on display at E3. "I at last crossed the suspension bridge using the gyro controls," wrote Kojima. He even provided a picture.

It looks like E3 attendees are going to get an actual playable demo of the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3. And it looks like there will be some sort of gyro control option.

While last year's E3 did have a demo of MGS3, it was just a loosely interactive movie.

In the image above, you can see the game's interface on the lower screen. In a later Tweet, Kojima revealed that you switch weapons by tapping the bottom screen, making the game more user friendly. You can also walk while ducking, he wrote.

Kojima says that while he won't be going to E3, producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana will be there.

Outside of playing the 3DS version of MGS3, Kojima has also been busy editing trailer footage. He finished a trailer just in time for the show. Here's a pic of the edit station, if you want to hunt for clues.

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