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Konami's NeverDead Resurfaces

Meet the cast of Konami's long awaited pairing with England's Rebellion.


At last year's E3, Konami announced NeverDead for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game received a good amount of press, as it is being produced, directed and written by Shinta Nojiri, who produces the Metal Gear series offshoot titles like Metal Gear Aci!d, and developed by England's Rebellion, developer of Aliens vs. Predator.

We'll likely be hearing a good deal about NeverDead at Konami's E3 press conference later this week, but ahead of that, the game has resurfaced through a new preview at Famitsu.com.

The site introduces us to the game's primary cast:

From left to right, you have:

Bryce Boltzmann
An immortal demon hunter who is employed by NADA, a group that covers up recent demon attacks that have afflicted the city. He spends his days killing off demons to collect beer money.
An investigator with NADA. She overseas demon hunters, but does not appear to be too fond of being in charge of Bryce.
Like Bryce, demon hunter Alex has the Evil Eye, which is a sign of immortality. However, it is rumored that he is not fully immortal.
A charismatic idol who's half Indian and half American. She meets Bryce following a certain incident.

You'll make use of Bryce's immortality as you face off against demons, even throwing your body parts as weapons. Just don't get down to a head only state, as this will apparently end the game.

Also mentioned in the Famitsu article, you can use environment objects like walls and pillars as weapons. Cover Bryce in flames, and you'll be able to shoot fire shots.

You can see much of these elements in the game's announcement trailer from last year.

This week's print version of Famitsu has a look at the game as well. The magazine lists a 60% completion state and a release timeframe for Japan of Winter

The screens you see above are all old. For a handful of new shots, visit the Famitsu.com preview.

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