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Samurai Warriors 3 Empires Has Over 600 Generals

Get your first look at the PS3 update.


Samurai Warriors 3Z had 40 generals. According to Famitsu.com, Samurai Warriors 3 Empires will have over 600 generals, all playable.

As if that wasn't enough variety, you can use the game's edit feature to edit physical appearance and attack motions, creating a custom general to your liking.

The site's first look at Empires is actually our first official confirmation of the game following a recent pamphlet that leaked out of a retailer. The PS3-only title (Samurai Warriors 3 and Xtreme Legends were also on Wii) is due for release on August 25, priced ¥6,090.

Famitsu.com's story has a look at some of the other new elements, including the usual Empires version features, so Musou fans should take a look!

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