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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Dated and Priced

HD version of PSP hit arriving on August 25, complete with a limited edition.


The first entry in Sony's line of PlayStation 3 remakes of PSP titles will arrive on August 25. Capcom has revealed this to be the release date for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

The announcement came today through a listing at Capcom's direct sales site, e-Capcom. The listing has the game priced ¥4,320, which it says is 10% off the standard price, so the standard price is apparently ¥4,800.

e-Capcom will be offering a special "Extended Edition" which bundles the game with a special Blu-tooth Monster Hunter themed headset. Pricing for the e-Capcom exclusive set is ¥7,800, with free shipping. The headset will also be sold on its own for ¥6,800.

Typical for e-Capcom, buyers will receive an exclusive bonus item. Details on this will be announced later.

At present, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is the only known title in the HD remake series, which Sony announced a couple of weeks back as the "PSP Remaster Series." Sony has hinted that the series will include both download and retail sales. MHP's HD version has only been announced as a Blu-ray release at present.

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