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Senran Kagura "Girl's Secret File" Bonus Item Revealed

Marvelous confirms recent release date, provides a look at the bonus item, and opens the official site.


Marvelous Entertainment made official announcement today of the September 22 release date for Senran Kagura that leaked out of Famitsu yesterday. Accompanying the announcement were the latest screens (unfortunately not full res -- boo) and a close look at the game's bonus item.

The bonus item, included for all first print run buyers, is the "Girl's Secret File Visual Book & Soundtrack CD Set." This includes the following:

Visual Book
Includes character artwork and illustrations showing the girls' secrets. The artwork is drawn by illustrator Nan Yegashi.
Includes the theme songs for the girls and other songs. The game apparently uses "Japanese Rock."
Drama CD
An original story written by Yukinori Kitajima and performed by Asami Imai, Yuu Kobayashi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Hitomi Harada, Megumi Toyoguchi, and Yuka Iguchi

Joining this update, Marvelous gave the game a full official site. Visit the site... if only to see what happens to the scroll that was in Asuka's chest.

Wondering when you'll get a first look at Senran Kagura in motion? An update at the official blog reveals that we'll get a video next week. So be sure and save some time for the massive breast hyper battle amidst all the news from E3.

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