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DSi to 3DS Software Transfers Coming June 7

Find out how you'll transfer your old downloads to the 3DS.


Joining the opening of the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop on June 7, Nintendo will offer players the long promised ability to transfer their downloaded DSi games to the 3DS. Today, the company outlined the procedure.

You can actually transfer more than just your games. You'll be able to transfer your DSi Ware games, your photo and sound data from DSi Camera and DSi Sound, and your Wi-Fi user information, including your Wi-Fi Connection ID. The DSi Ware games and Wi-Fi Connection ID will be deleted from your DSi/XL. Copies of your pictures and sound data will remain in the original system.

To make the transfer, you'll need to first update your 3DS to version 2.0.002J (the "J" is for the Japanese version of the system -- if you have a different region DS, your code will be different). You'll then need to download a free transfer app (Nintendo gave the app its own catalogue page here).

When making the transfer, you can select to transfer individual items or transfer everything all at once. You can also select to transfer items from multiple DSi/XL systems on to one 3DS.

A few DSi Ware games can't be transferred over. Nintendo provided a list here.

The transfer process works in only one direction. Once you've transferred data to the 3DS, it can't be moved back.

Your DSi Ware save data and DSi Points cannot be transferred over. Save data will be deleted from the original DSi/XL system along with the DSi Ware game.

For further details and a few additional warnings, visit Nintendo's information page.

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