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Things You Can Do in the Nintendo e-Shop

Nintendo details the 3DS shopping experience.


Nintendo has at long last taken the full veil off the 3DS e-Shop, where 3DS owners will go to look up info on games and buy download titles.

Going along with our earlier reports on the shop's launch lineup and DSi to 3DS software transfers, here's a look at the shop interface.

To start up the e-Shop, once you've updated your 3DS firmware on the 7th, you'll need to click on the bag icon in your 3DS Home menu.

Nintendo lists three major activities from the e-Shop:

Look up information about games
You'll find commercials and promo videos for Wii and 3DS games, popularity rankings, release date charts, and user voted "recommendation" rankings.
Search for games
You can search by title name, keyword, popularity ranking, user recommendation ranking and other orders. Nintendo will also be recommending software as part of a variety of "special features."
Download new titles and classics
You can download original 3DS games, Virtual Console games and DSi Ware games. The original 3DS games include 3D Classics, which are 3D remakes of old games. Note that Nintendo is not using the "3DS Ware" name here.

For the launch lineup, see this story.

Here's a video look at the e-Shop that was posted at the shop's official site today.

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