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New Sonic Generations Names Official

Sega adds 3DS version to official site. Screenshots "coming soon."


Sega updated the Sonic Generations official site today with first mention of the game's 3DS version. Unfortunately, it's just a mention -- there are no official screens at the site.

As detailed yesterday, the 3DS and PS360 versions of the Sonic 20th anniversary title have different names (at least in Japan). The 3DS version is titled Sonic Generations: Ao no Bouken, or Blue Adventure. The PS360 version is titled Sonic Generations Shiro no Jikuu, or White Time and Space.

The site lists both games under the genre "High Speed Memorial Action." The HD versions are listed as single player. The 3DS version is listed as 1 to 2 player.

Both versions are due for Winter release.

Screens are from the PS3 and 360 version.

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