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These Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos bonus items utterly disgust me and I'm no longer buying Namco Bandai games.


I was expecting the Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos retail bonus items to be a bit over the top, BUT COME ON NAMCO BANDAI THIS IS GOING TOO FAR!!!

Most of the goodies are telephone cards and the likes, but there are some expections.

This is some sort of mouse pad PSP pouch combo (why didn't I think of that!?).

This is a microfiber cloth:

And this...

... is a pillow case.

The above items are all retailer specific goods. But you won't be able to avoid the smut by simply going to a non participating retailer. All pre-orderers will get this reversible tote bag.

The blue side is on the inside (and should probably stay that way!)

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