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Kojima Productions E3 Special Site Coming Tomorrow

Hideo Kojima to deliver video interview during Konami's press conference tomorrow.


Konami has a global E3 site (pictured above). It's currently counting down to the company's pre-show press conference tomorrow.

Ahead of the start of the press conference, Famitsu appears to have gotten some hints about what to expect. The site reports that the event will see the airing of a video interview with Hideo Kojima.

Kojima said late last week that he wouldn't be attending E3. Some speculated that he may be attending Konami's press conference, but Famitsu's report of a video interview suggests that this won't be the case.

However, it does look like we can expect some sort of Kojima Productions-related announcements from the event. Famitsu also reports that Kojima Productions will be opening its own E3 special site tomorrow (6/3) at 10:00 in the morning (JST).

Famitsu headlined its story "A shocking announcement from Hideo Kojima ahead of E3!?".

For some further hints from Kojima, read this Q&A story that we posted last week.

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