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Survey -- Gamers Express Greater Early Interest in NGP Over Wii 2


Have you cast your Yea or Nea for or against a Wii 2 or NGP purchase? Then what the hell is wrong with you -- we still don't know much about either system!

Even though we won't have a clear look the systems until next week (although the NGP picture is becoming a bit clearer thanks to a recent embargo lift), it's still somewhat interesting to know what the average Gamer Joe Tanaka thinks about them now.

For that, we turn to game shop chain Enterking, which today posted the results of an NGP and Wii 2 survey it conducted with members of its mobile sales club. The retailer surveyed its members in mid May. It received 2,253 responses, split 1973 male and 280 female. The age split was 776 for 10 to 19, 911 for 20 to 29, 428 for 30 to 39 and 138 for 40 and up.

Enterking's patrons appear to be more interested in NGP at this point, as 39.1% said that either they definitely want to buy the system or they're looking into buying it. 35.8% said they aren't too interested or have no interest what-so-ever.

For Wii 2, 23.8% said that they definitely want to buy the system or they're looking into a buy. 46.6% expressed little or no interest.

Amongst those expressing little or no interest in NGP, a popular reason was that the PSP is good enough. A high percentage also said that they simply don't know too much about the system. The inability to play current PSP titles also appears to be a concern. Specifically amongst those who are completely uninterested in the NGP, popular reasons were "I'm a Nintendo fan" and "I hate downloads."

For Wii 2, the most popular responses amongst those who said they're not too interested in the system were "depends on the software" and "don't know much about the system." Amongst those who expressed absolutely no interest in the Wii 2, the most popular response was "I was not interested in Wii." A large number also managed to respond that they don't see the appeal of the games... even though Wii 2 games have yet to be announced.

The survey takers also provided a list of things they feel would make for the ideal system. The top response was "evolved portable game system," getting 94 votes. This response covered things like "portable game machine with PS3-level graphics" and "a 3DS with a large screen." Another popular response was backwards compatibility. Some idealists asked for an unlimited battery.

With E3 just around the corner, the merit of this survey is a bit questionable. We should have a better idea of what the general Japanese gamer thinks about the new platforms following the show next week.

Visit the Enterking survey results page (PDF, Japanese) for more results and charts.

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