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Konami Brings Zone of Enders and Metal Gear Collections to PS3 and Xbox 360

Titles to be be first to use Hideo Kojima's new "Transfarring" system.


As many had expected, Konami is bringing an HD version of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker to the PS3. But this is just one part of a major new initiative that Hideo Kojima calls "Transfarring."

Detailed by Kojima himself today during a pre-E3 broadcast, Transfarring is a system of synching up game data so that you can play a game on a console, then continue playing on the go. If you were paying attention to Kojima's speeches at the Tokyo Game Show a couple of years back, you might remember him alluding to a system like this.

The first game to use Transfarring will be Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, which will be released on PS3 as part of a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. The Collection, due for release this November, will also include MGS2 and MGS3.

The collection will also be released simultaneously for Xbox 360, but only the PS3 version will support Transfarring of save data to the PSP.

Kojima demonstrated the Transfarring system by showing a save file being transferred back and forth between the PS3 version of Peace Walker and the PSP version. The system, as demonstrated during the show, requires that you connect your PSP to the PS3 via USB. The save data is transferred from one system to the other system in about 10 seconds. Only one version of the save file is active. The other one is locked in order to prevent conflicts.

Transfarring will also feature in Zone of the Enders HD Collection, which Kojima also announced during the show. The collection includes both the original Zone of the Enders games and is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. Once again, only the PS3 version will have Transfarring.

Kojima noted that the two collections do not run under emulation. The games are optimized and rebuilt specifically for the PS3 and 360 and feature new interfaces specifically for HD resolutions, redrawn high res 2D art, effects and fonts, improved audio quality, right analogue stick and force feedback, and trophies and achievements. And, of course, on the PS3, Transfarring.

In detailing the Transfarring system, Kojima noted that the ability to move data between PSP and PS3 is just phase one of his idea. Phase 2 will bring PS2 classics to PS3 and NGP and allow for transfarring between those two platforms. Phase 3 will involve the creation of all new PS3 class games that can use transfarring on PS3 and NGP.

Joining these HD Collection announcements, Kojima had some unfortunate news for Metal Gear Solid Rising fans. Kojima Productions decided to not make any new announcements for the game at E3. Kojima did assure that Rising is still being planned for release in its original target time frame of 2012.

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