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Pokedex 3D Set for Japanese Release

Free app lets you learn more about your Black & White Pokemon.


Some readers noticed that Pokedex 3D was missing from the 3DS e-Shop lineup yesterday. That's because Pokemon Co. had not yet announced it.

The announcement came today. Pokedex 3D will be released to the Japanese e-Shop on June 17, a bit after the shop's opening next week. The app will be available for free.

In Japanese, Pokedex 3D is known as Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW, which translates to Pokemon 3D Reference BW. The app is meant to be a utility tool for Pokemon Black & White. You can learn details about the Pokemon that appear in Black & White and also view the Pokemon in 3D.

The app comes with 16 Pokemon pre-installed. You'll be able to add more Pokemon through SpotPass downloads, wireless exchanges with friends, and via augmented reality.

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