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Hideo Kojima Answers Questions About HD Metal Gear and ZOE

Hideo Kojima at the Peace Walker launch last year.

Following today's surprise announcement of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Fox Engine, Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Production staff have taken to the old Twitter to answer a variety of questions about the two games.

Here's what they've said so far:

The version of MGS3 that's included in the collection is the Subsistence version.

ZOE HD Collection will include the content of Anubis Special Edition.

You might have guessed this, but Kojima pretty much confirmed that the Transfaring system as used in Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 will be for NGP and not for PSP. He said that MGS2 and MGS3 are PS2 quality and the PSP cannot deliver this level.

Kojima feels confident in the quality of MGS2 and MGS3, noting that it's being made by Bluepoint, the same company that did God of War Collection. MGS3 will run at 60 frames per second, he assured.

Kenichiro Imaizumi confirmed that the MGS HD Collection specifications differ between the international and Japanese versions. Outside of Japan, Peace Walker is included with MGS2 and MGS3 as part of a single MGS HD pack. In Japan, Peace Walker is a separate release. The decision was made by the staff in the various territories owing to differences in the markets.

Kojima seems to really love Mega 64, who starred in the special E3 video Kojima Productions made to announce the HD collection packs. The Japanese version of the video was dubbed with a major cast, although I don't see any of the voice actors anywhere.

Regarding Peace Walker HD, Jiroo Tsubuyaki said, "It's not just emulation. There are many areas that are being remade, and the play feel is completely new." He said to check the June 9 issue of Famitsu (next week's issue) for details.

Kojima was asked if the Fox Engine is something that can be used by all of Konami (as opposed to just Kojima Productions). Kojima's response was "of course."

Your current Peace Walker save data can be used for this newfangled Transfaring thing. However, Jiroo Tsubuyaki does recommend playing the PS3 version from the start.

Here's a mysterious image Kojima shared as part of his Tweets:

Accompanying this message, Kojima said that he was Tweeting too much during a meeting (he's been either retweeting or writing new Tweets every few minutes.)

One fan asked Kojima to use Fox Engine to make Snatcher into a full HD game. Kojima responded that this won't happen.

I'll update this page if Kojima adds any additional news bits throughout the day.

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